Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft signatures

Stories about what a small number of locals with the right inclination and focus can accomplish are presented for you at the harbour in Ebeltoft. Here, glass artist Finn Lynggard and managing director Erling Rasmussen of Kvadrat, a leading manufacturer of design textiles, worked together closely in the 1980s to bring into being an international museum for modern glass art. Today the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft is recognised globally, and is the only museum of its kind. 

Glasmuseet - Ebeltoft

Museum Østjylland signatures

One museum, three provincial towns, and 15,000 years of history.

Auning Kart Park

Auning Kart Park

Go for it in Auning Kart Park


The "slaughterhouse lot" (Slagterigrunden)

The "slaughterhouse lot" (Slagterigrunden) – a new urban area

Centre for Maritim Heritage

Centre for Maritime Cultural heritage (Center for Maritim Kulturarv)

A centre for maritime cultural heritage is being developed in connection with the frigate "Jylland". This centre will be actively focusing on Denmark as a seafaring nation seen from a national and international perspective, including live presentations in workshops, a unique educational platform, traineeships and jobs as well as a Nordic knowledge centre.




Ebeltoft, the town with four harbours

A beach close to town – at the end of ”Jernbanegade”

The castle ruins of Kalø

The castle ruins of Kalø – an uplifting experience

The foundation RealDania is carrying out the project”Places in the landscape” at the castle ruins of Kalø, including a range of architectonic initiatives that serve to “uplift” the experience in this an already very spectacular place.  

The house ”Lystøndeskuret”

The house ”Lystøndeskuret” – the newcomer of this harbour

Plans have been made to reconstruct the culture-historical building ”Lystøndeskuret” from the area ”Holmen” in Copenhagen in the form of a local hall in the old fishing harbour of Ebeltoft. The building will provide the setting for various cultural activities and open workshops focusing on maintenance of the boats of the fishing harbour as well as the renovation of historical fishing vessels.


Egil Fischers Ferieby

The reconstruction of the holiday town of Egil Fischer 

Ebeltoft - lystbådhavnen

Ebeltoft Havnefront

Welcome to Ebeltoft Havnefront

The revised master plan is prepared on background of assessment and treatment of the posts, objections and comments that emerged in
debate between the Masterplan of Ebeltoft Havnefront.

The many posts has been imaginative and detailed, and has given rise to a more specific processing of the master plan.

Lübker Spa

Lübker Golf Resort - Golf and wellness

World-class golf facilities, spa & wellness, café and restaurants

Lübker Golf Club holds a 27-hole championship golf course carved into nature in a fantastic clover formation of three 9-hole loops, Sand, Sky & Forest. The course was designed by the world-famous architect Robert Trent Jones II and is without a doubt Denmark’s finest golf course.

Landbrugsmuseet - Gl. Estrup

Dansk Landbrugsmuseum

The Museums at Gl. Estrup - 2 museums at the price of 1 

The Danish Agricultural Museum and The Gammel Estrup - Jutland Manor House Museum

Dansk Motor- og Maskinsamling

Dansk Motor- og Maskinsamling

The Danish Engine and Machine Collection is the largest Nordic collection of internal combustion engines.

The majority of our engines have been restored with a view to showing them in operation. The collections are of international class, but more than one hundred engine manufacturers are represented in our exhibition areas covering more than 2100 square metres.

Karpenhøj Naturcenter

Karpenhøj Naturcenter-and outdoor center Karpenhøj!

With a unique place in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge, is here a opportunity to active experiences in the natur. Karpenhøj Naturcenter offer example lending of sea kayaks, mountain bikes and other outdoor equipment. Pivate, schools, companies and business is welcome to active experiences on natur- and outdoor center Karpenhøj.

Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

Get a sense of the mystique, people and machines of the peat bogs at Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

Here you can see exhibitions about how people lived and worked in
the bogs in the olden days. Take a ride on Tørvegrisen out to the bog by way of the

Rosenholm Slot

Rosenholm Slot

Visit Rosenholm Castle.

The castle is open for visitors during the summer months and is fully furnished with hundreds of pieces of furniture, paintings and Gobelin tapestries, which gives visitors a fascinating impression of the life of a noble family for centuries. Now, Rosenholm Castle brings together present day culture and the culture of the past as organiser of exciting tours, conferences, company parties, weddings etc.

Naturcenter Syddjurs

Karpenhøj Naturcenter

In the middle of the Mols Hills National Park, there’s also Karpenhøj Naturcenter, which is a good starting point for tours out into the Mols Hills. The nature centre offers, for example, guided cycle tours on mountain bikes for schools, institutions and private persons. Explore the area on a hike – at a slow tempo and close to nature.

Museum Østjylland - Grenaa

Museum Østjylland - Grenaa

Museum Østjylland in Grenaa


Lübker Square

Lübker Square

Lübker is for everyone who takes to water like a duck

Subtropical Bad for the family. Take your mum and dad by the hand! You can amuse with example hot water pool, fun pool, Spa and waterslide. There is also an delicious area with Sauna.
The basement is decorated with an big activityroom for chrildren and childish souls. 

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