Thorsager Rundkirke

Thorsager = Thors Field. The church may lie on the site of a pre-Christian sacrificial place for the god Thor. Thorsager Church is one of Denmark's seven medieval round churches, and the only one in Jutland. It was built of brick around 1200 A.D. and is one of Jutland's oldest brick buildings - perhaps the oldest. The size of the church and its architecture suggeste that is was built by an important man - probably the king. During restoration work in 1877-78 most of the church's outer walls were replaced with new bricks. Original bricks can still be seen in the north wall of the choir. During the last restoration in 1950-52 the beautiful church interior was restored with amongst other things a new altar and pulpit. There is access to the upper floor by a staircase within the door of the church.

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Kirkevej 9
8410 Rønde


+45 86370580


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  • Type

    • Round church
    • Town church



Longitude : 10.460812
Latitude : 56.341849