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A Living Landscape - Mols Bjerge : The National Park

The sun shimmers. Cattle graze peacefully. A deep crater suddenly lies before your feet – it is a so-called kettle hole. The crater was formed by a huge slab of ice that lay right here and melted away over thousands of years.

The national park gets its name from the Hills on Mols, which make up the most well-known, protected nature area in the national park with an impressive landscape. In this Ice Age landscape, the nature is quite special with rare plant and animal species.

The landscape in the large national park is a natural place for experience outings in hiking boots, on a bike or in a swimsuit. There are many marked paths, completely new bike trails that run through the Mols Bjerge and even an underwater trail.
There are challenges here for everyone. Agri Bavnehøj (137 m), Trehøje (127 m) and the beautiful Stabelhøje (135 m) are beguiling with their 360 degree panoramic views. The water attracts you for bathing, angling, sailing and diving tours.

Also belonging to the national park is the market town Ebeltoft, which is rich in cultural history, and the Middle Ages fortress Kalø Castle Ruin, which celebrated its 700th anniversary in 2013.

Perhaps you will meet a national park guide. Every summer, the guides are in several places around the landscape to direct visitors, hand out folders and give free guided tours from which you learn a little more about the place you visit. With the national park’s smartphone app, you can go on an adventure of your own.

The Nationalpark Mols Bjerge is made of the stuff that makes a holiday memorable.

Two information centers in Mols Bjerge National Park.

The idea behind the two centers is to provide visitors with a greater experience of the area's cultural and natural values, but also to inspire visitors to seek out and experience the culture and nature where they are in the national park.

The visitor centers are located at Kalø Hovedgård near Rønde and the farm Øvre Strandkær in the middle of Mols Bjerge.

Karlsladen At Kalø, it is the fine old Karlslade in bindings, which is organized with the dissemination of the area's culture and nature. The barn is built as early as 1703, so it has some years behind it. Now it is getting a new era in connection with the dissemination of the area's cultural history.

Øvrige Strandkær Two of Øvre Strandkær's four more are arranged as a natural starting point for a visit to Mols Bjerge. Here you will be able to get information about exciting plants and animals while learning how the ice has shaped the landscape we can see today in the area.

Attractions in the National Park Such as Agri Bavnehøj, Trehøje, Jernhatten, Kalø Slotsruin and many more...

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Nationalpark Mols Bjerge