Djursland offers a broad palette of museum experiences for the entire family.

Experience the entire agricultural history and the Green Museum and the history of the manor at Gammel Estrup. In Ebeltoft you find Glasmuseet Ebeltoft – Denmark’s international museum for modern glass, and right next door lies Fregatten Jylland - the museum which tells the story of Fregatten Jylland, the world’s largest wooden ship. At Fuglsøcentret you can visit “Memory Lane” Rockmuseum, which focuses on music and youth history from the 1950’s until now.

Drop by the museums in Djursland. They are open all-year round and many of them have free entrance.

Fregatten Jylland - the world's longest wooden ship

Fregatten Jylland

The world's longest wooden ship. A great experience on board Fregatten Jylland. For the museum visitors, there are lots of possibilities for experiences on land, at sea and in the air. 

The glass museum Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft - Modern, international glass art

All year round, the museum offers exciting learning experiences that the whole family will enjoy. There are casting, glassblowing and much more on the programme during the school holidays.

Castles and manors

Djurslands history is close connected to the many castles and manors, there are here. Gammel Estrup - manor museum lays beautiful placed on north Djursland by Auning, and the manors is one of Denmarks best preserved Renaissance castles.

Visit also the nearby Rosenholm castle. The castle is standing full furnished, like when the last Baron and Baronesse lived on the castle. You can see hundreds of furnitures, paintings and tapestries, and get a good impression of a noble family's life over the centuries.

Gammel Estrup - Manor museum

Gammel Estrup - The Danish Manor Museum

One of Denmark's best preserved Renaissance mansions. Gammel Estrup presents the lives of both masters and servants from the renaissance to the early 20th century.

Dansk Landbrugsmuseum

Det Grønne Museum. Hunt, wood, agriculture and food

Experience the hunt, the woods, the agriculture and the food at the new museum.

Museum Østjylland - Grenaa

Museum Østjylland Grenaa - the accessible museum

The new free permanent exhibitions take you through 10,000 years of North Djursland’s history. The exhibitions are made accessible for all – no matter what precondition, age or disability.

Djursland for fuld Damp

Djursland for fuld Damp

Choose speed and excitement or peace and quiet, all of it with your family. Train, canoe or rail bike – you decide the pace.
Experience the nostalgia and cosiness at the old railway station in Allingåbro, Djursland for fuld Damp (Djursland at Full Steam). Invite your family on a rail bike ride along the fjord and bring a lunch basket. Rent a canoe and go canoeing on the river Alling Å to, for instance, Gl. Estrup or Uggelhuse, or go on one of the red vintage buses from the 1950s. At the railway station, you can spend the night in a sleeping car, buy nostalgic toys, or see the museum exhibition and vintage car workshop.



Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

Get a sense of the mystique, people and machines of the peat bogs at Stenvad Mosebrugscenter. Here you can see exhibitions about how people lived and worked in the bogs in the olden days. Take a ride onTørvegrisen out to the bog by way of the 2.5 km-long dump waggon track, or let the kids take a ride on the mini-train. Pet a rabbit, go on a treasure hunt with a metal detector, play chess – here there’s room for
lots of cosiness, play and fun for children, parents and grandparents. Also see the horse Viking pull the kneader or make your own peat.

The engine collection near Grenaa

Dansk Motorsamling

The collection is of international class, and most of the machines are restored and can be shown in operation.
The engine collection near Grenaa holds a vintage motor rally and swap meet in the autumn.

Djurslands Jernbane Museum

Djurslands Jernbanemuseum

Discover danish railway history.

Besøg Rockmuseet på Fuglsøcentret

Memory Lane Rockmuseum atuglsøcentret

The museum focuses on musical and youth life from the 1950s until today.

Gallerier på Djursland

Art and Culture

Enjoy art and culture in Djursland