Local taste experiences

From picnic to gourmet… wildly tasteful

All over Djursland you find many exciting eateries. Here is everything, from the good Danish cuisine and exotic eateries to exclusive restaurants with highly respected chefs. If you prepare a picnic in the magnificent scenery on the peninsula, you can pick up food in many restaurants, or you can swing by a bakery, butcher’s shop or a fish store and put together the menu yourself. 

Many roadside stands, markets and stores abound with local foods. Besides a large supply of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, you can also find a wide selection of delicious local specialties, for instance juice, beer and wine. Some bakeries make local specialties and bread baked with grains from their own production.

Restaurant Moment

Restaurant Moment

Unique vegetarian food and high quality drinks based on organic wild, self-produced and local ingredients. Restaurant Moment has been admitted to the White Guide and White Guide Nordic.

Gourmet food at Molskroen


The top of Danish gastronomy will find Mols. Executive Chef Steffen Villadsen shelves place of great gastronomic traditions with renowned classical preparations and craftsmanship. Pickled wild herbs and roots from Mols puts a modern imprint on the menu.

LøCroQ - organic café in Ebeltoft


Organic, local produce and view of the sea are keywords at LøCroQ, which is the only eatery in Djursland to have been awarded the organic gold label. LøCroQ is situated at the coast at Ebeltoft harbour with a beautiful view of Mols Bjerge.

Moderne kolonial, med café, køkken og bageri.


Taste is a madhus in fairytale frames in one of Ebeltoft's many hidden courtyards. Focus on playful, experimental and pleasures end meal.

World-class sparkling wines from Andersen Winery

Andersen Winery

A tasteful team is behind Andersen Winery. Together, wine maker, food specialist and entrepreneur have succeeded in putting all nuances into play, when they produce world-class sparkling wines.

Hmm... smagen af hjemmelavet øl fra Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri

Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri

Brewer Peder Zacho Hansen driver farm brewery with home-produced beer and soft drinks can be enjoyed in the brewery courtyard. All raw materials are hand-picked and selected only from taste.

Æblemost fra Mariendal

Mariendal Mosteri Djursland

Freshly squeezed apple juice can be purchased at Landmad or enjoyed in Restaurant Sostrup. The apples from the apple orchard located at the farm, which combines ecology and environment of modern family life.

Hylkegård er som taget ud af en Morten Korch-film


At the farm in Voldby is, in 2012, brought a vineyard with sticks of white wine grape Solaris. With the years, fine white wines in store.

The assortment at Hos Walther covers specialities in wines, beers, spirits and exotic specialities.

Hos Walther

Good quality and great service are focal points at Hos Walter, where the atmosphere evokes memories of the old grocer’s.  The assortment covers specialities in wines, beers, spirits and exotic specialities.

Mols Kaffebar åbner 2016

Egil's Cafe

Egil's Cafe's "sister café" to Mols Kafferisteri. The coffee shop is well located in the bend of a visit by bicycle tour or beach. Serves quality coffee and other treats.


Mols kvæg - den ægte oplevelse

Nationalpark Mols Bjerge kvæg og lam - MENY Rønde

Forest cattle graze on fields, hills and forests of the national park Mols Mountains. The meat can, as the only place in Denmark, bought in MENY in Rønde. 

Møllerup Gods, farmshop with hemp

Møllerups Gods' Gårdbutik

In Djursland in Mols Bjerge National Park lies Møllerup Gods with a small farm shop. On the shelves you find the estate’s own food products with Danish-grown hemp.

Nordisk tang - havets fantastiske grøntsag

Nordisk tang

Tang is part of a trend of sustainable superfood. Nordic Seaweed have taken sea fantastic vegetable to him and developed some unique tangpestoer. The idea is to get the seaweed left on the dining table, because seaweed is healthy and has unique flavor characteristics.

Time for two

Time for two

– with museum visits, trips in the nature and taste experiences. In Djursland you find countless possibilities of pursuing the good life in an area with unspoiled nature and wildly charming towns.

Local food producers and shops on Mols

Molbordet - the road to local taste experiences

The booths along the roads offer fresh raw ingredients. Here, you can buy freshly harvested vegetables. At many farm shops and fields, you can pick berries yourself – a cosy family activity, which at the same time is healthy and tasty. You can enjoy a cup of coffee from newly- roasted beans or go to a wine tasting. You can buy a sausage made of high quality, organic goat meat and with low cholesterol content.
Djursland offers taste experiences for families with young children that would like to have intimate and genuine experiences, and for couples looking for food products of high quality – try, for example, a steak from cattle raised in the forestlands of the Mols Hills National Park. In Djursland, you find quality crops sold directly from the stable door, delicious specialty products and cosy serving places, each with its own charm and lovely location.
On your tour around the landscape, perhaps you will be tempted by a local brew served with a sea view or the aroma of newly-roasted coffee from the coffee bar.

The table’s delights with Molbordet. The road to local taste experiences.



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