Landbrugsmuseet - Gl. Estrup

Dansk Landbrugsmuseum

The Museums at Gl. Estrup - 2 museums at the price of 1 

The Danish Agricultural Museum and The Gammel Estrup - Jutland Manor House Museum

You should also experience the beautifully landscaped Agrobotanical Garden with more than 400 utility plants and ornamental plants as well as the beautiful hop garden and the apple orchards with 272 old Danish varieties of apples. In the stables and fields, you can get close to the old Danish livestock breeds, such as cows, goats, sheep and chickens. You can experience the cultural history of the meal from ancient history until today in large and interesting exhibitions as well as a number of activities

throughout the year.
For the children, there is a large indoor playground designed as a miniature farm. There is also an outdoor playground, where you can get close to goats and rabbits.

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Dansk Landbrugsmuseum