Café Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri

At the Ebeltoft Farm Brewery in Western Denmark we produce craft beer and fruity sodas. The point of everything we produce has always been to create great taste and interesting flavours using whatever is necessary to achieve these goals.

A big part of what we do is experimenting. We are constantly engaged with trying out new flavours and creating new tasts for future products. Before being launched all of our products has been through a testing period where we refine the taste and flavour, making sure that everything is just right.

Our Sodas
To our mind a soft drinks needs to be more than simply a cold refreshment. Like a good craft beer or a nice wine, we believe a fruity soda can be a delicious drink to be enjoyed on special occassions or as a non-alcoholic alternative on a night out.

Surrounded by scenic green woods and with a view across the ocean, the fresh furtile atmosphere surrounding the Ebeltoft Farm is what we try to create a taste of in our sodas. In every bottle of soda we use plenty of whole fruits and berries as well as fresh herbs and spices in order to bring about a delicate reminder of the nature and wildlife of fields and forests.

All our sodas have the simple base recipe of clear water from the Danish underground, loads of whole fruit, and a bit of cane sugar and carbonation.

Our Beers
As a small craft brewery we spent a lot of time experimenting with our beer flavours. As the Danish seasons change, so does our mood and the type of beer we feel like drinking. For an up to date status of which kind of beer we are currently engaged with please visit our blog or contact the brewery.


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