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Outstanding frames. Outstanding wines Andersen Winery ApS is a Danish winery located in the unique landscape around Mols Bjerge. Here we produce world-class sparkling wines. We choose the best in Danish fruits, grapes and berries and make them taste flavors beyond the ordinary. "The ultimate in Danish fruits, grapes and berries turns into flavors beyond the ordinary." A tasteful team Behind Andersen Winery stands winemaker Mads Groom Andersen, food specialist Frantz Maurice Scott Lundby and entrepreneur Morten Rinder Stengaard. Together we manage to get all nuances into play. The senses must be awakened. The same must be the curiosity. An important part of our mission is to inspire how our sparkling wines can play with food. Typically, champagne is served before the meal - as something that opens up the senses and makes the taste buds ready. Our sparkling wines can be served as an aperitif in exactly the same way as champagne. But we also focus on creating sparkling wines that are particularly suitable for food at the highest level. "Our sparkling wines are a natural part of a gourmet experience." It yells and bubbles The winery was already bubbling in 2009, when Mads started producing wine from apples from his own garden. A few years later, he established a vineyard to experiment with sparkling grape vinegar on la champagne. In 2015, the level has become so high that we decide to increase production. We try with other types of fruits and berries. The raw materials are processed and fermented in different ways. We smell and taste. We are constantly wiser.

“We smell and taste. We are constantly wiser. ” In the tension field between classic and new The Champagne method has been developed and refined since the beginning of the 18th century. But one thing is method, another is ingredient. At Andersen Winery we use what makes the most sense. Danish fruits and berries have a perfect acid profile when it comes to sparkling wines. That is why we naturally use the apples, gooseberries, blackcurrants and strawberries that are found right outside the door to produce world-class sparkling wines! By combining the traditional method with the finest Danish-produced raw materials, we create innovative products that combine the best of the best. "The Danish fruits and berries are world-class and are ideal for making sparkling wines." The will to surpass ourselves Both champagne and grape have hundreds of years behind. Side by side with sun-ripe berries has been harvesting precious experiences. Experiments have become solid techniques, methods and comme il faut. We are inspired by the grape field. We use the methods and techniques, but for us it is not about doing other art. It's about finding our own way. Precisely at our latitudes, we have fantastic raw materials available that can become the world's best sparkling wines. The Nordic apples, for example, have a very special acid profile, which gives a fantastic crispness to the wine. On the journey to new and exciting wines, we will constantly surprise by combining the best Danish fruits, grapes and berries. It will be our bid for a Nordic counterpart to the French champagne. “For us, it's not about doing other art. It's about finding our own way. ” Handheld patience High quality does not come by itself. Neither when it comes to champagne of French grapes or sparkling wines of Danish fruits, grapes and berries. It's a demanding craft. First we test and assemble the most vinous varieties. Acid, sweetness, aroma and bitter substances must come together in an overall expression. Then the fruit is hand-sorted before we squeeze the must. The bottles are placed in the basement, after which we manually turn each bottle for 21 days. After degorging, the actual dose is added, where the sweetness degree is determined. "High quality is a demanding craft." 

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